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The following infrared sauna reviews have been provided by professionals in the health industry who every day work with and see the benefits of using our saunas.

"Sun Stream is undoubtedly the best"

We decided to bring the Sun Stream Sauna into the fitness studio to compliment what we are offering at Vibes Fitness. The sauna allows for members to unwind after a workout. Personally, I have tried several Infrared Saunas and the Sun Stream is undoubtedly the best. It offers maximum infrared, with a comfortable level of heat.


Jessica Moulson

Owner, Vibes Fitness

Victoria BC Canada

" A cut above in terms of superior heating,

  workmanship and quality"

The Colour Therapy light unit is amazing, far more vibrant than those I have seen in other sauna brands. Owner, Kevin Halsey is knowledgeable, personable and reachable! He is always there on the end of the phone to answer any questions about the saunas.]

Natasha Hutchison

Masseuse, Wellness Studio Owner

"A great way to relieve stress, invigorate and recharge"

The quality of the heat and the workmanship of the sauna has exceeded my expectations....they are more comfortable, heat up quicker, consume less electricity and cost half the price of our former unit, a Sunlighten model. We have run the sauna from 9-5, five days a week for the past 18 months and the sauna has been problem free and continues to perform like new.

Peter Morrow

Certified Live Blood Analyst,

Certified Ozone Therapist

Owner Zen Health Haven

"We replaced our older style IR sauna with a Sun Stream Sauna and have been pleased with the nice even heat in the new Sun Stream"

Valley Health and Fitness has offered Infrared Sauna sessions to our clientele since 2002.  Our customers enjoy the sauna after a workout to help reduce stiffness, for relaxation and sweat detoxification.

Forrest Verbruggen

Certified Personal Trainer

Owner, Valley Health and Fitness

Cobble Hill BC Canada

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