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Superior design leads to a superior infrared sauna

High Intensity Infrared with Heaters   Positioned Low

All infrared sauna brands are using the same amount of power provided by a regular 10 - 15 Amp outlet. Sun Stream is one of the few companies capable of concentrating the saunas' electrical power into smaller surface area, hotter carbon panels (High Watt Density panels).

Our heaters are positioned lower on the walls aiming more radiant heat onto your body vs. competitors' larger surface  area, cooler carbon panels which produce a less intense radiant

heat and wastes infrared heat above your head.

Concentration of the electrical power into smaller hotter panels results in a superior sauna experience, targeting your body with more infrared heat, raising your core temperature and inducing a faster heavier sweat.

Sometimes less is more!

Common Competitor's 'Low Watt Density' Carbon Panel Layout.

Larger, Cooler, Weaker lower watt density panels.

Cheap low density carbon panels are easily identified in saunas. They cover much of the inside walls of the sauna and extend high up the sauna walls as pictured.

Sun Stream's High Watt Density Carbon Panel Layout.

Smaller, Hotter, Stronger high watt density panels

Warming your body quickly and sweating heavily are the fundamentals by which any Infrared sauna should be judged. Your sweating experience and benefits derived from using the saunas are dependent on the amount of Infrared radiant heat that is projected at you, hits your body & warms you.

Superior design leads to a superior infrared sauna and this is no more evident than in the quality of our immensely efficient nano carbon heating panels.

Sun Stream's Radiant Heat Test

Many sauna companies are making claims regarding micron outputs, depth of heat penetration, Infrared heat output, yet very few offer any evidence to support these claims.

Sun Stream Saunas has developed a test procedure to visually  gauge the amount of radiant heat from Infrared sauna heaters.

Our Test Screen changes colours in reaction to the radiant heat of the sauna heaters.

The test clearly displays a greater intensity and wider spread Infrared output from our high temperature Nano-Carbon panels

300 Watt Concave Ceramic Element Heater

275 Watt Ceramic Tube Element Infrared Heater

220 Watt Industry Standard Low Watt Density Carbon Panel

280 Watt Sun Stream Sauna High Watt Density Carbon Panel

Our wider and more intense heat output results in a faster and heavier sweat for you.

Spectroscopy Test
(Specular Distribution Graph)

We see many claims from Infrared sauna companies regarding the wavelengths of Infrared heat produced by their heaters but rarely are these accompanied by tests to substantiate the claims. Contrary to many sauna advertisers' claims, no carbon or ceramic based sauna heater is able to produce a single frequency of Infrared.

For example: Sun Stream's nano carbon panel heaters produce the desirable therapeutic 4-14 micron range of Infrared.

See our Spectroscopy test results in the following video as Kevin Halsey unravels the micron myths & explains what really is important!


Far Infrared is the appropriate wavelength for the purposes of a sauna; for a whole body radiant heat treatment, for raising your body's core temperature, boosting your immune system and inducing a cleansing detoxifying sweat.

Some Infrared Sauna companies are now adding Near Infrared to their Far infrared saunas and terming these Full Spectrum saunas. Others are promoting the use of Near Infrared exclusively in the sauna.

However we believe that the near infrared emitters being used are ineffective and could pose some dangers to the eyes when used in the sauna.

Click here to read an article entitled:

The Misguided and Ineffective use of  Near Infrared in Far Infrared Saunas by Kevin Halsey.

Far Infrared vs Near Infrared vs Full       Spectrum Saunas.

Far Infrared, which has been used safely in saunas for over four decades, is absorbed by the water content in our skin and thus is a safe, comfortable and effective way to heat our bodies.

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Sun Stream saunas compare to others in the market place!


Superior design is evident in many other aspects of a Sun Stream Infrared sauna enabling  improved performance and easy maintenance & hygiene.

No Cloth Covers on the Heaters

Most competing Infrared Sauna brands are adhering synthetic cloth covers to their carbon panel heaters. Our Sun Stream 'Nano-Carbon" heaters do not use cloth covers.

  • Introduce potentially off-gassing glues and fabrics into the sauna.
  • Reduce Infrared heat output
  • Inhibit cleaning sweat off the heater surface (especially problematic for floor heaters)

Superior Design Heater Guards

Many sauna brands are installing excessive wooden slats in front of the carbon heater panels. These slats block and reduce the amount of infrared heat projected at your body. Our Sun Stream and wooden heater guards are constructed with strong, thick wooden slats, widely spaced to maximize the infrared output for your sauna experience.

Removable Floor & Wall Heater Guards

Easy access means you can clean the sweat off our wipeable heaters to maintain hygiene.

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